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General topics

•  Active Components and Vibration Control
•  Balancing
•  Bearings: Fluid Film Bearings, Magnetic Bearings, Rolling Bearings and Seals
•  Blades, Bladed Systems and Impellers
•  Condition Monitoring, Fault Diagnostics and Prognostics
•  Dynamic Analysis and Stability
•  Electromechanical Interactions in Rotordynamics
•  Fluid Structure Interactions in Rotordynamics
•  Modal Testing and Identification

•  Nonlinear Phenomena in Rotordynamics

•  Numerical and Analytical Methods in Nonlinear Rotordynamics

•  Parametric and Self-excitation in Rotordynamics
•  Uncertainties, Reliability and Life Predictions of Rotating Machinery
•  Torsional Vibrations and Geared Systems Dynamics
•  Rotordynamics of Micro, Nano and Cryogenic Machines
•  Aero-Engines
•  Turbochargers
•  Wind Turbines and Generators
•  Automotive Rotating Systems
•  Hydro Power Plant
•  Optimization of Rotor Systems
•  Vibration Utilization and Energy Harvesting
•  Smart Rotor Systems